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Amazon expands same-day delivery and one-day shipping to thousands more cities

Amazon announced today it has expanded its same-day delivery and one-day shipping service to thousands more markets across the U.S., just in time for last-minute holiday shopping. Before, these services were available to Prime members in 5,000 cities and ...

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Here’s How Acquiring Shipt Will Bring Same-Day Delivery to About Half of Target Stores in Early 2018

As part of ongoing efforts to make shopping at Target even more convenient, Target just announced it will acquire Shipt, a rapidly growing same-day delivery company, for $550 million. The move—one of the largest acquisitions in Target’s history—means sam...

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Retailers are using online reviews from other sites to fight Amazon

Last week a shopper nicknamed Bassi bought the Venture 2 Rain Jacket from The North Face's website and reviewed it, writing it was "wonderful" and "remains stylish while keeping you warm." Two days before that, "Hippyengineer" wrote on the same site that...

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What Is Amazon Brand Registry And What Do I Need To Know About It?

Brands that sell their products on Amazon face a variety of challenges that hamper their ability to market themselves effectively. Frustrations range from being unable to make simple changes to product listing details to having the details changed to faul...

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How Walmart helped a robotic monkey become the hottest toy this holiday season

Fingerlings are the hottest toy this holiday season. The robotic monkey that can interact with children, sing, and fart has become the must-have item. It's on every holiday toy list and is selling out faster than retailers can restock it. Wowwee is now s...

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Why Instacart May Be Wal-Mart and Amazon's Biggest Rival

If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, then Instacart may soon have a whole lot of friends. To be fair, the same-day delivery service isn't quite Amazon's (NASDAQ:AMZN) enemy -- the two companies actually became inadvertent partners when the online retai...

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Two retailers that are avoiding Amazon and thriving

Not all major retailers are getting clobbered by Amazon (AMZN), believe it or not. True, the e-commerce giant has crushed many competitors, but at least two large rivals have managed to dodge the Amazon bulldozer. The two dollar-brand stores, Dollar Ge...

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A US grocery chain is challenging Amazon in advertising

When Amazon entered the grocery business with the acquisition of Whole Foods this year, it was thought to be a supermarket killer. The grocery business was already facing competition from general retailers like Walmart that operate on larger scales and of...

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Amazon vs. Coty: Coty May Have Won The Battle, But Amazon Will Still Win The War

Many in the luxury industry cheered after last week’s judgment by Europe’s top court that Coty and other luxury brands could prohibit its retailers and distributors from selling products on a third-party internet platform such as Amazon and eBay. The Eur...

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Amazon, the Music Prodigy

We know Inc. has become a virtual mega-mall for shopping, a creator of gadgets for our daily commutes and our homes and a mover-and-shaker in ente...

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