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Walmart abandons plans for video streaming service and will focus instead on VuduRead on CNBC>

Walmart taps 4 more delivery companies to help it get groceries to homesRead on CNBC>

First-Ever Female Chief Marketing Officer For Walmart Talks Goals For New YearRead More>

Walmart exec reveals why it canceled its Amazon Go-like cashierless program in stores — and what the company is working on insteadRead on Business Insider>

Walmart is thinking like a tech company as its battle with Amazon heats upRead on Yahoo Finance>

Walmart Plans to Add 2,000 Staffers in Technology Group in 2019Read on Bloomberg>

Walmart taps Udelv for latest driverless car tests to deliver groceriesRead More>

Could Amazon acquire Walmart? Never say never...Read More>

Walmart, Target, and Home Depot Figured Out a Really Aggressive Way to Avoid Taxes. Is It Brilliant or Totally Unfair?Read on Inc>

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