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TJ Maxx beats many of its rivals on price, and it reveals how it's perfectly poised to fend off Amazon and the retail apocalypseRead on Business Insider>

How moved into the business of U.S. electionsRead on Reuters>

Bezos will ‘break up his own company’ before regulators do, Atlantic writer who profiled the CEO predictsRead on CNBC>

Millennials and Gen Z Are Spending More. 6 Retailers That Will Cash In.Read on Barrons>

Kroger, Walgreens to stop selling e-cigarettes, amid backlash and regulatory uncertaintyRead on CNBC>

China's Newfound Regulatory Zeal Targets RetailRead on Forbes>

What the retail apocalypse means for the American economyRead on CNN>

Amazon’s Grocery-Store Plan Moves Ahead With Los Angeles LeasesRead on WSJ>

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